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show Purina ONE Salmon and Tuna Flavor Cat FoodMy partizan say to me about Purina ONE Salmon and Tuna Flavor Cat Food and he advise the skill is Purina ONE Salmon and Tuna Flavor Cat Food. When I grasp my chum convey about the specs of the goods. In the daylight, I choose to expend Purina ONE Salmon and Tuna Flavor Cat Food. Right subsequent using this product, I am sorely pleased. Details of attention are arrive beneath.

Product Description

Purina ONE Active Health ManagementPurina ONE gives you the nutritional tools you need to proactively manage your cat's health and long, active life through wellness and special formulas, all backed by the latest scientific research.Veterinarians at Purina have identified Six Signs of Optimal Pet Health, and Purina ONE is formulated to deliver all six. For adult cats, body condition and nutrient absorption are a focus. Purina ONE Salmon & Tuna Flavor with real salmon and tuna is designed to promote your cat's ideal body condition while promoting optimal nutrient absorption so more nutrition goes to work helping to keep her healthy. If you have any questions, be sure to ask your veterinarian for assistance in assessing your cat's health.Six Signs of Optimal Pet HealthBody Condition: Indicated by a lean body and strong muscles.Purina ONE Nutritional Source:Optimal protein level to help cats maintain muscle mass for mobility and flexibility.Immune System: Indicated by overall well-being and quality of life.Purina ONE Nutritional Source:Scientifically formulated for adult cats with antioxidant rich, complete and balanced nutrition that helps support a strong immune system.Bone & Joint Health: Indicated by joint function and bone strength.Purina ONE Nutritional Source:Scientifically formulated to deliver key nutrients to help support healthy bones and joints.Digestion: Indicated by nutrient digestibility.Purina ONE Nutritional Source:Highly digestible for optimal nutrient absorption and small stool volume.Made with high quality ingredients including real salmon and tuna.Skin, Coat & Eyes: Indicated by condition of eyes, skin, and coat.Purina ONE Nutritional Source:Omega fatty acids make a visible difference in your cat's healthy skin, shiny coat, and bright eyes.Dental Health: Indicated by condition of teeth.Purina ONE Nutritional Source:Crunchy kibble helps reduce plaque and tartar, freshen breath, and whiten teeth.Contains no fillers, artificial colors, or flavors.

Purina ONE Salmon and Tuna Flavor Cat Food

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  • Formulated for normally active adult cats to support overall health including heart, bladder, and kidney function
  • Vitamin rich nutrition for a long, healthy life
  • Made with real salmon and tuna

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