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show Wysong Cat Treats - 4 ozMy adherent say to me concerning Wysong Cat Treats - 4 oz and he suggest the device is Wysong Cat Treats - 4 oz. When I comprehend my friend impart about the detail of the product. In the dawn, I determine to buy Wysong Cat Treats - 4 oz. Right after using this good, I am considerably complacent. Details of attentiveness are show underfoot.

Product Description

"Fun Food for Your Feline

Wysong Cat Treats help keep your feline in a great mood all through the day. These yummy, nutritious bites help create a well balanced diet for your pet, one that is nourishing as well as delicious. The treats can be fed along with fresh food, Wysong dry and canned foods and food supplements.

Wysong Cat Treats

  • Delicious chicken-based recipe that satiates and nourishes
  • Contains ground whole wheat, brown rice and extruded whole soybeans
  • Healthy, natural snack for any time of the day

These treats are a natural and nutritious alternative to other starch and sugar treats that may lead to obesity and sickness.

A Closer Look: Wysong Cat Treats contain a nutritious combination of proteins, fats, fiber moisture and taurine.

Made Specially for: Cats of all life stages

Free of: Artificial additives


Wysong Cat Treats - 4 oz

Detail image Wysong Cat Treats - 4 oz
  • 4-oz bag

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